Trustees and executors behaving improperly

Where trustees or executors have behaved improperly or unreasonably

Trustees and executorsIf the trustees or executors (often known as Personal Representatives) have not acted in the best interests of the estate and you are a beneficiary you may be able to apply to the court to have them removed.

Other situations where you may want to make an application to the court include:

  • If the PRs have failed to provide adequate information to the beneficiaries.
  • If the PRs have acted negligently.
  • If you do not think they have invested the deceased’s money appropriately.
  • If they are being dishonest or have acted unreasonably.
  • If the PR is also a beneficiary and you fear there may be a conflict of interest.

If you have any concerns about the people administering the estate you should take professional advise. The It’s Your Inheritance team will listen to you concerns and advise whether or not you will be able to challenge the will. Why not call us on 0800 0921 233 to learn more? Or complete the form and we’ll get back to you.

Why not contact the It's Your Inheritance Team on 0800 0921 233

Or, complete the form and we'll get back to you